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Get Involved

Twitter @africanplaces writes: "@Transport4P An app to book and rate mini bus drivers #t4p #masterplan"

Twitter follower: @SamShafa_ tweets "@Transport4P Its current conditions affects traffic movement and it links major town and Settlements... Tsandi-Onesi-Epalela and Ruacana."

@FABlab_Namibia commented on Twitter: "Namibia has the highest accident rate per capita so not encouraging more road traffic / drivers, train improvement and upgrading for sustainable transport in and around the regions."

Comment on the T4P Facebook page on the question of road safety: "more speed humps especial in towns please. In High ways the Traffic should do their work perfectly."

Comment on the T4P Facebook page on the question: What makes transport difficult for you? "Availability, it's hard to travel out of this region at short notice."