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Our Twitter follower @_Nadapandula sent us this ideas: @Transport4P "Monthly road maintenance both gravel and tarred"

Our twitter follower @INdinelago sent us this ideas: "@Transport4P in the western world rail transport is faster safe reliable and affordable especially for commuters. Introduce commuter trains"

Rosalia Shilunga sent an e-mail with the following suggestions: "1. transport in those areas rely mainly on small cars to transport people from one area to another, we can have buses or minibuses that operates between town that are far from each, lets say any town that is more than 20km apart. These buses can be made to operate at certain hours that is made known to people.

Twitter follower @Ndinear suggests "Big town to town buses that operate at specific hours. I.e a bus tht goes from ondangwa 2 oshikango every day at 5pm"

Our Twitter follower @BEN_Namibia sent us this idea "@Transport4P a taxi calling app with driver ratings would make the taxi service a lot more accessible, accountable and safe." as well as "@Transport4P @africanplaces Taxi app can increase driver income & reduce drink driving--can be very difficult to get a taxi late at night"

Twitter user @africanplaces asks "@Transport4P We also need speed control for all long distance minibusses. Are those busses even registered?"

Twitter follower @africanplaces comments "@Transport4P please address the topic of reckless overtaking."

Twitter follower @NKondjashili suggests "Awesome. We need bicycles lanes headed to educational facilities as well... @transport4p @movewindhoek"

Twitter follower @africanplaces suggests a T4P patron "@Transport4P How about a sprinter as patron for your initiative? Help out! Give to Run4Rio - Ananias Shikongo - Africa's Fastest https://igg.me/at/HIkrEboAERU . Raise funds on @generosity" Ananias Shikongo is from Okankolo, Oshikoto.

On a Tweet about the poor attendance rate of last year's public hearings our twitter follower @NKondjashili comments "That's a shame rather. But maybe go to the people? NUST, UNAM, the schools? Hand out brochures at work? @transport4p"; "Get them to promote road safety as a project/module. Just get in touch with us man. We could do with the experience as well... @transport4p";

On the Tweet "Ohangwena’s population is estimated at around 245,446, followed by Omusati with 228,842, Oshikoto with 181,973 and Oshana with 176,674." our Twitter follower @augysh comments "@Transport4P with that figures we need dual roads to connect all towns for the smooth movement of people and goods"; "@Transport4P Towns like Ondangwa need to have a secondary road via its Central (CBD), there is always traffic jam during weekends"

On the idea "Develop a community commitment to fence and continue to maintain a fully fenced road reserve. #ideas for #MasterPlan" our twitter follower @SamMeckondjo comments "@Transport4P Fencing off is prohibited in rural or communal farming areas..according to Namibian laws"

Twitter follower @TheGreatGuti writes "@Transport4P the owner of the livestock responsible for accidents must be held responsible for the accidents with a fine in line" & "true and there are fines if your cattle go into someone's field it should be the same with roads".

On the Scoping Study idea "Collaborate with livestock owners to promote adoption of an animal high visibility ear tagging programme" Our Twitter follower @TheGreatGuti writes: "@Transport4P That's a great idea, it will even be better if the veterinarians who eartag communal livestock can come on board" & "I think urgency have to be on cattle and donkeys who can cause much damage"

Twitter follower @africanplaces tweets: "@Transport4P @MayoClinic There is a proposal to turn riverbeds into vibrant and safe walkways. That would be a revolution."Referencing an article in The Namibian: http://www.namibian.com.na/index.php?page=archive-read&id=145329

Twitter follower @NKondjashili is concerned about road safety for skaters: "I hope part of this initiative also involves getting skaters of the streets, it's quite dangerous to skate on public roads... @transport4p"; "Most skateboarders take the roads and streets because we have no places to go skate freely... @transport4p"; "Maybe as part of the whole initiative, places should be made available for people to skate safely and off the roads... @transport4p"

Twitter follower @INdinelago shares this idea: "@Transport4P how about you advocate for a train for daily commuters between Omuthiya and Ondangwa" "@Transport4P advocate for a train service between Omuthiya and Ondangwa for daily commuters #taxisarenottheanswer" "@Transport4P train transportation is much safer than taxis #taxisarenottheanswer" "@Transport4P introduce a reliable daily commuter train between Omuthiya and Ondangwa say every morning and aftern

Twitter follower @SamMeckondjo tweets "@Transport4P I still see transport in Namibia as a private business industry. Nothing public abt it." & "@Transport4P Do we have public road transport in Namibia. All i see is private businesses...for profit gains..what is th role of government" & "@Transport4P good that should..change because this is why we hav too much urban migration..one could live at otavi and attend school in whk"

Twitter follower @TheGreatGuti tweets: "make it more comfortable, a bit luxurious and i wont mind spending two days on that thing drinking my way 2 whk" commenting on rail passenger service between Ondangwa and Windhoek

Twitter follower tuli_57901 writes: "@Transport4P the money being spent to renovate the airport, is more than enough to upgrade Okay/Warongo road into a carriageway." & "@Transport4P daul carriageway.. Instead of a new airport."